Can We Trust the Bible?

Betsy Mayer // October 18, 2019

It’s in the works! A new special issue of Last Generation magazine for sharing and great pre-press prices for quantity purchase. 

Last Generation is excited to announce the development of a new special issue for sharing in early 2020—Can We Trust the Bible?  

The Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God. Yet many modern Bible scholars promote the view that the dross of legends, personal agendas, cultural biases, embellishments, exaggerations, editor’s changes, and copyists’ mistakes have to be painstakingly cleared away before getting, with some luck, to the nuggets of truth. This view is echoed by the popular media. 

If the Bible is so flawed, how can we trust anything it says? If the Scriptures are full of half-truths, why should we listen to what it says about God and salvation?

In this issue, we will investigate the Bible’s trustworthiness. Just like the character of a witness in a court of justice can be deemed unreliable, and his testimony discounted, we will study the character of the Bible: can it stand up for itself?”

We will approach this investigation from different fields—history, archaeology, health sciences, ethics—and show how the Bible is being confirmed by developments in each of these fields. We answer some difficult questions about Old Testament provisions (for example, does it condone slavery and polygamy?). We will investigate the influence of the Bible on culture and society. Has the Bible helped or hindered? “By their fruits you will know them,” said Jesus (Matthew 7:20).

We explore how the books of the Bible were written, then gathered into the present canon and faithfully transmitted through manuscripts across the centuries. The issue will also briefly explore principles of sound Bible interpretation. The fulfillment of Bible prophecy also yields powerful evidence to the reliability of God’s Word. And not least, we will see how the Bible powerfully impacts personal lives.

A number of writers are collaborating on this project from a variety of backgrounds. We hope this special issue will be a powerful tool to help people who have doubts about the Bible and to strengthen believers in their faith. Packed with rich content, deep insights, and interesting bite-size facts and inspiration—you don’t want to miss it!

Great for Bible study outreach, adult and youth bible study groups, and as a class resource for Bible teachers.

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